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CashPirate-Profitable mobile application

Cashpirate is an application available on Android where,you can easily earn free money by downloading,testing free apps and participating at different surveying.It is really simple to earn money with this app.

This app is one of the best making money apps on the google play store.You must choose,install and lunch the application for minimum 1 minute to earn between 60 and 90 coins.To earn more points,you can also try free games,completing surveying,try free products trials,watching video and many more. Complete any offers you like,invite friends to make more money and watch out for the tips of the day and special offers.There are also oferwalls like Supersonic ads,Sponsor pay,Trial pay and radium one and the remuneration on the video playback is 2 to 5 coins.With this app you can earn more money by inviting your friends.Just send your invite code to different social platform to your friends and receive 10% off all referrals coins and 5% coins of any of your referrals-referrals.That mean…


Xenzuu-Social network

Xenzuu is social network,that pays active members for using(worldwide,free and uncensored).There are many different ways to earn commission.Registration is free and comission is generally earned on the side,whilst you chat to friends,share posts,create content,comment and like.
Get 2$ bonus when you enter my voucher code in sign up page
Affiliate link: Xenzuu
2$ voucher code: 92ZDDT2F
Minimum payment is 25$ and payment methods Paypal and bank transfer.Xenzuu is currently available in German and English.You can see your earnings next day for previous day(from social media bonus) and at the end of the month
revenue share(crom activity bonus-advertising income crom previous month).Tho earn this bonus you must Be logged in on the least 10 different days of the month and have uploaded a profile picture.For more rulez check the page
Help/FAQ and do not forget the voucher code If you want to register Platform

Founded by Mexicantarget,FaucetHub is more than a micropayment platform.With advanced security and multi-currency payments FaucetHub,allows users to create their own faucets,without any investment from their end.

There are free and premium faucet lists where users can find the best paying bitcoin sites.You can win lots of satoshi from lottery and bitcoins by playing simple rock paper scissors game.If you are a faucets owner,you can top up your faucets from these.Here you can do ptc,surveys,offers and get bitcoin into your account and deposit directly in your faucet with 0 fee of charge or withdraw in your wallet account. Features
Separate your user account from your faucet website owner account with multiple dashboard and website faucet owners dedicated chat room and integrate your website or app in minutes with fully functional API. Check your balance,operate your faucet website wallet,view stats and chat with users on their mobile friendly website. Multi-currency payments:send and receiv…

Easyhits4u-massive traffic exchange

Easyhits4u-is a free manual traffic exchange program that addresses all who want to promote their site,blog or referral link.The mode of operation is quite simple,you visit sites through a surf bar to get credits.For each site you visit,you get 1 credit(visitor) for your site,blog or referral link that you promote. Easyhits4u,definitely is not a scam,in addition to traffic,you can also earn money-30 cents per 1000 sites visited and 10 cents for each referral  that visits over 100 sites.You can also earn money between 3 and 40 cents at the bonuses that appear after a certain number of sites visited and if you upgrade your account you can receive free credits from your referral on 6 levels.You can also convert credits into banner and text ads impressions on the coverssions page and assign them to your banner and text ads.

With over 1.316.000 members joined in this program during the last 12 years,Easyhits4u become the most popular traffic exchange on the web.Owned and operated by Relmax I…

GrabPoints-Profitable mobile applications

GrabPoints-is a new rewards site that pays you to do many things such as take surveys, watch videos, download apps, and complete offers,is the hottest Android app to make money, get free gift cards.If you’re interested in making money on your smartphone ,you can use invitecode FGOWQQcode and you will receive 500 points. Just type in the invite code when prompted (right after you join)
How To Earn At Grab Points
At Grab Points you’ll find free and paid offers. Most free offers pay 500-2000 points and require you to sign up for a free site.One of the easiest ways to earn at Grab Points is by downloading apps. You’ll see a long list of apps that Grab points will pay you to download. It will show the requirements and how much it pays. Most apps just require you to download and open the app, but others require you to reach a certain level of a game or keep the app installed for a period of time. Complete paid surveys for companies that need your opinion about products & more.Sign up for s…

Bitcoin-free crypto currency

About Bitcoin -invented by an unidentified programmer, or group of programmers, under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto,bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part.With paper money called (fiat money) , a government decides when to print and distribute money,bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate,doesn't have a central government to managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.
The video below explains how Bitcoin works Be careful-Bitcoin is still experimental status and is not an official currency,price is volatile.However, tend to think that paper money will disappear in the near future and a digital register or distributed for settlement and currency asset will be built like blockchain.Most jurisdictions still require you to pay income, sales, payroll, and capital gains taxes on anything that has value, including bitcoins. Choose your Bitcoin wallet.Bitcoin wallet is eq…

Traffic Swirl-Best Traffic Exchange

Traffic Swirl:-owned by John Bell, is a manual traffic exchange where,you can win bonuses from the system of referrals, PTC ads and cash prizes.This traffic exchange is online and paying since November 2010.Minimum to cashout is 10USD and will be paid every friday through Paypal or Payza

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