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Traffic Swirl :-owned by John Bell, is a manual traffic exchange where,you can win bonuses from the system of referrals, PTC ads and cash prizes.This traffic exchange is online and paying since November 2010.Minimum to cashout is 10USD and will be paid every friday through Paypal or Payza
Free TE
Traffic Swirl
As a free member for each visited page, you get 0.4  credit for you to advertise your website in traffic exchange. Currency conversion you work inside is called tokens.With tokens you can buy credits, banner impressions or get money. With tokens you can  just about do anything and works like money in the real world.You can either buy them with real money,earn tokens by viewing ads, sell credits, banner impression, prize boxes, keys, picks ad grids or you can earn thokens by completing some tasks.Below you have a screenshot, with the price at this moments of tokens packages 
Tokens prices

About Chests
  • Treasure chests containers random prize. Treasure chests can be purchased in the marketplace or won in various games and contests.
  • Cash chests containers random cash prize. Cash chests can be purchased, won in the marketplace or on the Ad Grid, or Swirly Board Game Paws during Power Hour on Mondays 
  • Birthday Gift Boxes can be Birthday Chase won in the event During the monthly birthday event. Birthday Gift Boxes containers random prize.
  • Chests Platinum has won on the Ad Grid, Fast Win Game, and Monthly Bonus. Containers random chests Platinum plugs.
  • Gold chests has won on the Ad Grid, and Weekly Bonus. Gold chests containers random prize.
  • Silver chests has won on the Ad Grid, and Daily Bonus. Containers random chests Silver plugs.
  • Keys: A key is required to open any chest or bundle. Keys can be purchased in the marketplace or won in various games or contests.

Type of chests
In this traffic exchange you can earn between 10% to 50% from referral system depends on the type of account that you own and every day is a kind of different game or a competition, every day you can earn a treasure chest,you will need to win and claim keys as well in oder to opens these chest
 Swirll with me

There in trafficswirl.com you can also win zubee after some pages you surf.No its not a crypto currency,Zubees are a centralized reward system that webmasters and program owners use to gain activity in their sites and gain loyal users.
You can host and collect zubees from Blogs to Traffic Exchanges to Mailers to Forums..

What is  Zubee Zone and how it works:
Zubee coins are collected while surfing and participating traffic exchanges, and they can be exchanged for cash or prizes at Zubee zone. You need to be a member of Zubee zone before you are able to begin collecting the coins. They range in value from 125 for silver coins, 250 for gold coins to 1,000 for the diamond coins for the basic rate, but you can have a bonus rate which will increase the value of each collected coin. Once you have enough of them collected, you are able to convert them into cash or to buy extra bonuses percentages which increase the value of coins collected. There is no minimum level of payout, and they will payout even $0.01. Payouts are made each Friday.
Register at Zubee Zone:Take your zubees


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