Easyhits4u-massive traffic exchange

Easyhits4u-is a free manual traffic exchange program that addresses all who want to promote their site,blog or referral link.The mode of operation is quite simple,you visit sites through a surf bar to get credits.For each site you visit,you get 1 credit(visitor) for your site,blog or referral link that you promote.
Easyhits4u,definitely is not a scam,in addition to traffic,you can also earn money-30 cents per 1000 sites visited and 10 cents for each referral  that visits over 100 sites.You can also earn money between 3 and 40 cents at the bonuses that appear after a certain number of sites visited and if you upgrade your account you can receive free credits from your referral on 6 levels.You can also convert credits into banner and text ads impressions on the coverssions page and assign them to your banner and text ads.

With over 1.316.000 members joined in this program during the last 12 years,Easyhits4u become the most popular traffic exchange on the web.Owned and operated by Relmax Inc.,over the years they have definitely established a reputation of their own in this industry.
If you are not yet member of this program and want to try it,click here to register.Once you created your account,you will come to homepage where you will see your dashboard "My Dashboard",on the top.

Here you need first to complete your profile and ad a website,you should add it there so people will be able to visit later on once you have gotten credit.
Please note,Easyhit4u is not designed to encourage people to work full time to make money and is not a money making machine,the bonus that each member receive for surfing is a simple an added benefit,In this site you can create,update and track your own splash page,easy rotator tool and links directory for any website for free.If you want to try this program,make a click on the links below and discover more benefits than the ones i said here.
Happy and peaceful surfing.Thank you!.
Make money, get traffic for FREE. No limits to surf and earn! We pay you cash for surfing and for referring new members What makes EasyHits4U unique? Famous program with over 1,316,000 members Receive 100 FREE visitors to your site just after surfing 50 first pages Promote unlimited number of banners and text ads for FREE 1,316,000 members can't be wrong 1:1 Surfing, 5-levels referral program, Bonuses, Contests and more!..


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