Xenzuu-Social network

Xenzuu is social network,that pays active members for using(worldwide,free and uncensored).There are many different ways to earn commission.Registration is free and comission is generally earned on the side,whilst you chat to friends,share posts,create content,comment and like.
Get 2$ bonus when you enter my voucher code in sign up page
Affiliate link: Xenzuu
2$ voucher code: 92ZDDT2F
Minimum payment is 25$ and payment methods Paypal and bank transfer.Xenzuu is currently available in German and English.You can see your earnings next day for previous day(from social media bonus) and at the end of the month
revenue share(crom activity bonus-advertising income crom previous month).Tho earn this bonus you must Be logged in on the least 10 different days of the month and have uploaded a profile picture.For more rulez check the page
Help/FAQ and do not forget the voucher code If you want to register


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